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About Us

The SunCoast RHIO is owned and operated by SunCoast RHIO, Inc., a Florida Corporation. We are a state chartered corporation. We offer government certified software and services in order to submit data to the Federal Government and support electronic tools for use by medical providers and consumers.

The RHIO is a Regional Health Information Organization that offers technology services, products, advice, and education to our geographic service area of Southwest Florida. We also have an affiliate office in New York. We offer memberships with discounted services.

The SunCoast RHIO offers EHR, Government Certified Quality Data Submission, RAC Audit Electronic Response, Health Information Exchange, and Quality Reporting Software. We support methods for using "Direct" for secure sending of PHI (Protected Health Information) to other providers with secure encrypted accounts.

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Education and Training

The SunCoast RHIO offers many avenues to help consumers understand the varied aspects of our new healthcare landscape.

As a Technology Company, we also offer training in the field of Health Information Technology, or simply, "Health IT", or "HIT".

The following commercial link offers ways for people to take courses in some of the high demand areas of the "HIT" Field.  We will continue to post information as our website evolves and in our Member Newsletter.  To learn more about our Training and Education, click HERE for a description.  Discount links will be enabled and appear on the new page.