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Personal Health Information Center for "Your" Meaningful Use

Welcome to the Suncoast RHIO Portal Registry

This site is used for the following:

1) To Help People keep Track of all the portals they use when they visit multiple Health Care Physicians, Hospitals, and other providers of care.

2) To Assist the patient / consumer of health care integrate all Medical provider visits and portal information into one patient record including records from Blue Button (for seniors over 65, those on Federal Disability, and Veterans.

3) To assist physicians and other medical providers, involved with MIPS or APM, achieve 5 of the MIPS base requirements of EHR or ACI (Advancing Care Information) Requirements:

- Using an approved HIE

- Utilizing DIRECT messaging

- Communicating with patients via a portal or email

- Helping patients use health portals

- Assistance and guidance on how to go about creating the required Security Risk Assessment

1) The Patient Portal or

Suncoast RHIO utilizes a one stop shop for patients to reach their providers portals when using different doctors.  This allows the patient to have to remember less but does not substitute the requirements for secure passwords on each portal.  That is still a patient resposponsibility.

How it works:

A) Medical providers or patients, register the internet name of the portal (or the internet URL) with Suncoast.  Once all parties approve that Suncoast can display a link to get patients to their provider portals, Suncoast RHIO will list the URL. Call us at 1 855-MIPS- EHR to begin the process. "Please write in the comments section of the email that you are interested in joining our Portal Registry for yourself or on behalf of others".

B) On a weekly or monthly basis, depending on volume and demand, Suncoast RHIO with update the Portal Registry site,

Patients now only have to remember the Portal Registry URL.  Once there, they choose their doctor, clinic, or hospital and we link the client to the portal of the provider electronically. The user must simply remember the user id they were given and the password. (An upcoming "opt in" feature will keep track of userid's on behalf of the client by matching it to a login we supply that is easy to remember.  This functionality is being developed at this time.

As Suncoast RHIO further developments this capability  as well as our launching of new features for Physicians above, we will announce availability.